Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Well, Food Network?

I wasn't sure anyone was going to hear my lone call into cyberspace last night... but wow, the power of the internet is really something! Nearly 800 people found their way to this blog so far, and it's barely been 24 hours!

No definitive answer yet as to exactly what happened, but it is at least comforting to know that I truly was not alone in feeling like I got run over with a food truck by the ending to last night's show.

One voice is still missing from the fray here, however... you guessed it... the Food Network itself. C'mon guys. I know you have computers over there.

If Nom Nom really had moved away from its parking space because it was too close to a fire hydrant (as opposed to having its final customer base blockaded by some stealth interns... or given directions to the Flatiron building via some of Daniel Burnham's other architectural legacies... in Chicago...) then surely you have some video you can post here to quell this - or any other - concern that's been posted. Feel free to stand up for your journalistic integrity anytime.


  1. Crickets. Well, it's obvious Food Network only cares about ratings...as long as you watch, it doesn't matter if the competition is fair.

    Proof in point - the 'Cupcake Wars,' where they routinely chastise chefs for not taking risks, then pick the safest choice as the winner.


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